HaR Komplet s.r.o.
Lucni 395, CZ-36471 Bochov

Ready-made cables

More than 2,500 material items on stock allows HaR Komplet s.r.o. to quickly and effectively react to diverse demands of our customers. This shortens the lead times between placing a purchase order and delivery. Final products are delivered at required quality and agreed deadlines. We are maintaining fair relationships with our customers and we are able to flexibly react to all requirements, needs and expectations of our customers.


We offer small-lot and mass production of cable harnesses and cable jumpers at high technical level for universal application. No exceptions are applied to production ranging from prototypes up to implementation of the series production.

We use the latest technologies, quality management system, and experienced staff for achieving of these goals.


At present, we deliver for the following industries:


  • automotive industry
  • engineering industry
  • railway industry
  • information technologies
  • automation
  • robotics
  • health care