Measuring equipment


Measuring equipment is used in almost every industrial branch, where a large role is played by its precision in the measurement of physical variables and controllable and precise progress of manufacturing is necessary. When measuring deviations and testing already finished products, it is often necessary to work with very fine deviations in the measured variables. The measuring equipment must also resist external environmental influences and interfering signals.

We supply our customers with cables fitted, for instance, with valve connectors or M8, M12 and M16 connectors in plastic or metallic design. For fine applications, we supply cables fitted with special connectors manufactured by Lemo or ODU and for more resistant applications, we use connectors manufactured by ITT Canon, Amphenol or Souriau.


  • laser technology
  • sensor technology
  • measuring equipment
  • testing equipment
  • flow sensors
  • temperature sensors
  • pressure sensors
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