Bochov Plant
The production plant in Bochov has been the company’s headquarters since 1995. Currently, 35 employees work at the headquarters in production and warehousing premises covering 1,510 m2.

Production is focused mainly on cable assemblies for the medium and large series; this site also assembles smaller electromechanical subgroups. It has a full range of machinery, which is continuously being modernized due to the demands for high processing quality and the various demands of our customers.

Also available at the headquarters is a development centre, which is capable of offering the best solutions to customers, including the creation of drawings and manufacturing documentation. Through our own production and development of test modules and programs we achieve maximum quality and functionality of shipped products.

The Bochov manufacturing plant has the following technologies:

  • cutting machines
  • unwinding and coiling machines
  • stripping machines
  • semi-automatic crimping machines
  • automatic cutting and crimping centres
  • thermo printers
  • Ink-Jet printers
  • wire-end ferrule machines
  • electric presses
  • pneumatic presses
  • hydraulic presses
  • bandaging machines
  • soldering stations
  • tinning stations
  • automatic binding gun
  • low-voltage testers
  • high-voltage testers
  • 3D printers


HaR Komplet s.r.o.
Lucni 395
364 71 Bochov

Tel: +420 353 902 334

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