Information technology


Regardless of the industrial branch, information technology plays a major role. We manufacture assemblies comprising, for instance, D-sub connectors, coaxial connectors, telephone or network connectors and stereo jacks. We also focus on the manufacturing of small LVDS cables with a conductor cross-section of AWG 28-30 fitted with connectors from Hirose or JAE, which are further used for modern touch-screen displays. For production purposes, we also use various data cables according to DIN 47100 or international colour markings (UL/CSA) such as LIYY, LIYCY, braided pairs of conductors or CAT network cables 5E class and higher.

We manufacture:

  • LVDS display cables
  • coaxial cables
  • audio cables
  • data cables
  • telephone cables
  • optical fibre cables


  • information technology
  • information systems
  • CAN-BUS systems
  • safety systems
  • digital systems
  • telecommunication equipment
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