HaR Komplet s.r.o.
Lucni 395, CZ-36471 Bochov

HaR Komplet s.r.o. – registered office Bochov - Karlovy Vary – the Czech Republic

HaR Komplet s.r.o. was incorporated in 1995. Since its early days, the company has been engaging in production and business activities in the field of electrical engineering and electronics.

The activities particularly include production and assembly of ready-made cables, electronic components, full sets of switching devices, soldering works and other works including testing, packing, and transporting of manufactured products. The company employs the latest production technology for processing of cables, fixing and soldering of printed circuit boards (either manually or using a wave soldering machine).


Company operates in two production facilities. The company offers qualified and professional work with the use of high quality and proven materials and equipment. A wide range of finished assignments witnesses that.


Why cooperation with HaR Komplet s.r.o.?

With reference to continuous reduction of production costs, many foreign companies have to find a reliable partner as an outsourcer of the finished products. HaR Komplet s.r.o. is ready to find a solution.

A great advantage of the company is seamless traffic accessibility and strategic location in the centre of Europe near western border of the Czech Republic.
The company’s products found their end customers not only in the Czech Republic but also in the countries of Western and Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria). The company delivers its production to the US market based on the strictest standards effective in the USA based on UL certification.

HaR Komplet s.r.o.

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